Every state and municipality – nationwide – must deal with the issues of aging and deteriorating infrastructure. Deciding between manhole rehabilitation or its replacement tops the list of priorities.

The U.S. EPA estimates that there are about 20 million sewer and storm water manholes in this country. Of these, it is estimated that more than 80% are in some state of disrepair or need immediate rehabilitation or replacement.

Many of the country’s manholes are 25, 50, and even 100 years old and are made of brick, concrete, and other masonry materials prone to microbial-induced corrosion over time. These structures are subjected to decades of erosion, settling, invasive roots, extreme weather cycles, and microbial-induced corrosion that ultimately results in the need for rehabilitation or replacement. Manholes are literally under attack from the forces of nature and need attention.

These collapsed, blocked, or deteriorating manholes are not only a health and safety issue. The high replacement costs of these sewer lines and water systems burden a municipality’s budget, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Communities have two options for addressing the never-ending issue of deteriorating manholes: replacement or rehabilitation. They need attention and replacing manholes is the most effective course of action.

What is a Manhole Rehab/Rebuild?

Manhole rehabilitation is defined as the process of repairing, upgrading, or replacing a manhole system. Manholes are the most important part of a sewer network as they are the access points for any kind of repair work to be carried out in the sewer network. Manholes need to be maintained and kept in good condition to carry out repairs and to prevent injury to workers who use these manholes for going underground. Manholes typically consist of different components made of varied materials, and each of these is subject to its own set of deterioration and damage. Regular inspection and repair of these parts will ensure a longer life of the manhole and lessen the costs of replacement in case of failure. This doesn’t have to be an unearthly expense that is thought of as disruptive to the community, and one that involves intensive traffic control, noise, excavation holes, landscape disruption, and environmental damage. This isn’t the case anymore!  Rehabilitation can be minimally invasive, less disruptive, and more cost-effective in the long term. A permanent solution sits much better with most budgets.

Before performing rehabilitation on the manhole, it’s essential to perform a thorough inspection that will give a clear picture of the damages in the manhole. If leakages, missing parts, broken components, or corrosive damage are detected, these issues must be addressed.

Manhole chimney section rebuilds with HDPE adjusting rings are the efficient and in the long run, the lowest-cost alternative to replacing brick and concrete manholes and short-term rehabilitations of manholes that have experienced significant deterioration related to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion.  Manholes that have fallen into disrepair are beyond a minor inconvenience, and when left unchecked, failing manholes can collapse, and potentially cause street cave-ins and sewer line blockages.  These deteriorating manholes place an unnecessary burden on the community’s sewer and water systems, leading to replacement costs and serious water pollution control problems. Collapsed manholes, blockages, and cave-ins can also lead to serious safety problems and possible costly litigations.


Photos: Ladtech’s Adjusting Rings and Catch Basins

About Ladtech,

When there is no choice but to rebuild, Ladtech’s HDPE Adjusting Rings are the long-term solution to unwanted infiltration.

Ladtech Inc. is an expert in manhole rehabilitation, replacement, structural repair, and corrosive protection. Ladtech manufactures a stand-alone solution for manhole rehabilitation. Our high-performance HDPE rings are versatile and proven to improve the structural integrity and strength of deteriorating manholes and catch basins. Ladtech, Inc. manufactures a variety of sizes ideal for manhole rehabilitation and sewer catch basin structures. Our 30-plus years of experience and our long-proven track record of success and reliability sets us apart as a leader in the field.

Trained and certified, Ladtech delivers the most effective protective solution that is resistant to bacterial and chemical corrosion and that is designed to prevent manhole infiltration/exfiltration leakage. Thanks to our convenient and easy method of installation, rehabbing and replacing corroding chimney sections on manholes saves you time and money. Never again be short on products due to broken rings. The Ladtech rings are available throughout the U.S. and easily fit in the back of a car.

Our adjusting rings are manufactured in Wisconsin to the highest standards.  Ladtech HDPE adjusting rings and catch basins are 100% recycled from High-Density Polyethylene material. Our manufactured product takes something bad for the environment and creates something good for the future out of it. Ladtech thinks about the planet.

The life expectancy of our HDPE manhole adjusting rings is over 100 years, making this product a better choice to use in new construction and rehabs of manhole chimney sections. The initial installation may appear to cost more, but, considering that there is no need for heavy equipment to be brought to the site and with Ladtech’s fast installation time and minimal labor, the Ladtech System is the safer option and is guaranteed to have lower liabilities on the job. With prices continuing to rise in labor and material and considering logistics, the installation of the Ladtech System® manhole ring “One and done” is the permanent answer!

Replacing the old systems now will be less expensive and will cost you less than in years to come and the savings acquired can be used to fund other projects in the city. Remember, this means over time the saving on infiltration is stopped, the system will have less stress and the required maintenance of the facilities will be considerably less. Don’t waste time and money using antiquated concrete rings to build your chimneys when you can be using high-tech HDPE rings by Ladtech. It is more economical overall, requires less time, and less machinery to bring to the job site, and due to HDPE’s lightweight, logistics are more affordable. Once you get your hands on a lightweight HDPE Ladtech ring you won’t want to use any other product.

Industry is often slow to adapt to new technology and ideas sometimes even when the results are superior. Open your eyes to change and the future with HDPE. Look to the future and don’t get stuck in old technology. The restoration and rehabilitation option of Ladtech to restore aging and deteriorating manholes prove to be a cost-effective solution that also helps to extend the service life of the sewer line for years to come. Imagine, looking into the future, 5 to 15 years down the line when other cities are repairing again and again, with the LADTECH System® installed, just think what your city can do with the savings!

It’s a win-win.

“In a perfect world, every city would be using Ladtech’s HDPE rings in the chimney section of the manhole.”

Replacing the manhole chimney section with Ladtech Adjusting Rings is a long-term, cost-effective solution. Ladtech HDPE manhole rings stand up to AASHTO H20 traffic loads and the effects of hydrogen sulfide sewer gas. They also meet or exceed the standard requirements of ASTM 4976.

Our 30-plus years of experience and our proven track record of success and reliability sets us apart as a leader in the field. Visit our website to view product detail sheets, specifications, application guides, technical bulletins, case studies, and videos.

Spec links: visit www.ladtech.com for product literature, warranty information, and specifications.

Product Calculator: This helpful tool allows contractors, engineers, and municipalities to calculate cost comparisons based on specific quantity needs.

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