HDPE Manhole Adjustment Rings

The “Ladtech System” offers a solution to the age-old problems associated with concrete manhole adjusting rings.

  • Mortarless and watertight assembly eliminates Inflow and Infiltration.
  • Corrosion proof, impervious to Hydrogen Sulfide gas and salt.
  • Durable, built for heavy traffic (H25 Traffic Rated), 100-year life expectancy.
  • Easy and cost effective and precision fit assembly with a wide range of slopes, and sizes.
  • Environmentally friendly made in the USA from 100% recycled HDPE.
Ladtech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing fully recycled high density polyethylene manhole adjusting or grade rings that eliminate deterioration problems associated with concrete, brick and rubber rings.

Ladtech has revolutionized the underground industry by reinventing the manhole adjusting ring – offering a solution to the age-old problems associated with concrete manhole adjusting rings. Imagine a new product that is engineered & designed to replace all existing products, where the new system is more economical, easier to use, functions better, requires less maintenance work and to top it all off, is made from recycled waste material.

The “Ladtech System” has been installed in manhole chimney sections since 1994 from as far as Ketchikan Alaska to the Bahamas, showing absolutely zero signs of breakage and degradation. Find out for yourself and use a superior product on your next project!

Mortarless Assembly

  • No mortar to mix and dispose of – or deteriorate causing leakage.
  • Easier and less costly to assemble – assures quality.
  • Less equipment needed to assemble.
  • Less chance for assembly failure & rework.

UV & Heat Resistant / Cold Temperature Performance

  • Durability around hot asphalt products
  • Lower actual life-cycle cost.
  • Material will not deform under load when cooled.
  • Stores outdoors for a reasonable period with no UV deterioration.
  • Longer product life

Independent Testing of Product

  • Verified product to perform in application
  • Validity of tests using ASTM D-4976, ASSHTO HS-20 and other standards
  • Demonstration of manufacture confidence in product
  • Sales tool for contractors and specifying engineers

Specifiable and Inspectable

  • Product can be identified and specified by name, material, performance.
  • Allows specifying engineer a way to control assembly and installation.
  • A control factor can be applied to the weakest area of an assembly.
  • Specific installation procedures assure a quality assembly.

Cost Effective

  • Actual installed cost is an advantage over a concrete ring and mortar.
  • Saves city/county/state life-cycle cost.
  • Contractor saves on installation cost.
  • No Additional cost for rehabilitation work.

Guarantee / Warranty

  • Quality Control with material & manufacturing assures performance.
  • Ladtech confidence with unprecedented warranty.
  • Broken rings are replaced at no cost.
  • Extra rings are reusable on other jobs.
  • Contractor does not have to back product.
  • Sales tool for contractor and specifying engineer.

The Ladtech® HDPE ring is designed and has been tested to withstand the wheel-loading requirements of AASHTO HS20 & HS25 and will not deteriorate or degrade when exposed to the harsh hydrogen- sulfide environment found in most sewer systems. The LADTECH SYSTEM® is cost-effective to install rather than traditional concrete adjustment rings.


30 Year WARRANTY & Return Policy

This Certifies that

Ladtech, Inc. proudly offers a ’30 year warranty’ on the original installation of your Recycled HDPE manhole adjustment rings, The Ladtech SystemTM when properly installed is designed to meet and exceed the applicable loading and chemical resistance performance, as identified in the product specifications and test reports, for a 75 to 100 year design life cycle.

Ladtech Inc. adjustment rings are warranted to be free of manufacturers defects that will impact the performance for a period of 30 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers the Ladtech SystemTM HDPE Manhole Adjustment Rings. Distributors of the Ladtech SystemTM are authorized to replace any ring which is damaged in any way due to material defect, or handling by the manufacturer or distributor. SIMPLY return the rings to your distributor for new rings. This warranty will not cover installation, consequential damage or freight. Ladtech, Inc. ADJ RINGS meets or exceeds material specifications of AASHTO M306 HS-25, ASTM C-4976, and ASTM C-990. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may not have other rights which may vary from state to state.

CLAUSE: If for any reason you return adjustment rings to the manufacturer and the rings are not under manufactures defect or under replacement warranty you must obtain prior approval and a restocking fee will be required.

As the Contractor, what can I expect from LADTECH® HDPE Rings?

  • Ease of installation – LADTECH® HDPE Adjusting Rings are lightweight, (approx. 6 lbs per ring), which reduces handling and transportation costs. Utilize pickup trucks for transportation instead of larger, more costly equipment.
  • Eliminate the mixing of mortar – Reduce your overhead by eliminating your concrete mixer and trailers full of sand, mortar mix, and water. Instead, simply apply an approved sealant between each ring, (check with your local ring distributor for details).
  • Reduce jobsite liability since there’s no need to wait for mortar to harden, the excavated holes can be filled and compacted as soon as casting is placed.
  • Broken and wasted rings are a concern of the past – The distributors of LADTECH® HDPE Adjusting Rings are authorized to replace any ring which is damaged in any way, due to material defect or handling by the manufacturer, distributor, contractor or municipality. Simply return the ring to your distributor for credit or new rings.

As a Municipality or the Designing Engineer, what can I expect from LADTECH® HDPE Rings?

  • Water tight joints, eliminating wastewater treatment costs associated with treating groundwater from infiltration between broken / cracked / deteriorated concrete adjusting rings.
  • A mortarless system above the MH cone or top slab. The concern of inconsistent mortar mix from job to job, day to day or even batch to batch is eliminated. Sealing is quickly and easily accomplished with one of several products.
  • The settlement of road surfaces around castings and MH rings due to deteriorated mortar and concrete rings, requiring costly rehabilitation projects, will become a concern of the past. Since the rings are not bonded together by mortar, the mortar can not deteriorate, and the migration of fine soils through the cracked concrete rings will no longer contribute to road surface breakup.
  • Plastic adjusting rings are inert to internal corrosion due to sulfuric acid, created from hydrogen sulfide gases and moisture common to sanitary sewers. The concerns of sulfuric acid attacking adjusting rings over time can now be forgotten. HS 25 loading – The LADTECH® HDPE Adjusting Rings are designed and tested to withstand loading in excess of HS 25.
  • Recycling makes sense! Help recycle the post consumer curbside waste within your community. LADTECH® HDPE Adjusting Rings are made of everyday consumer plastic products. Utilize an environmentally friendly product and improve your infrastructure at the same time.
  • Full Five Year Limited Warranty, Plus A Five Year Replacement Policy – LADTECH, Inc.® warrants the Adjusting ring for FIVE years against defects in materials in the adjusting ring from the date of installation plus a 5 year replacement policy! Will your current adjusting ring supplier warrant their material?