About LadTech
Ladtech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing fully recycled high density polyethylene manhole adjusting or grade rings that eliminate deterioration problems associated with concrete, brick and mortar.

Ladtech has revolutionized the underground industry by reinventing the manhole adjusting ring – offering a solution to the age-old problems associated with concrete manhole adjusting rings. Imagine a new product that is engineered & designed to replace all existing products, where the new system is more economical, easier to use, functions better, requires less maintenance work and to top it all off, is made from recycled waste material.

The “Ladtech System” has been installed in manhole chimney sections since 1994 from as far as Ketchikan Alaska to the Bahamas, showing absolutely zero signs of breakage and degradation. Find out for yourself and use a superior product on your next project!

LADTECH Core Values

  • We at Ladtech, Inc. are a professional team-oriented organization, providing our customers with excellence in our quality and dedicated service.
  • To always conduct business in an ethical manner.
  • To always recognize the needs of a diverse market and our opportunity to successfully meet them, and to address those with well-designed and innovative manufactured products.
  • To always maintain the highest quality standards of affordability by utilizing the best available materials and the latest manufacturing methods.
  • We promise to assure that your experience with Ladtech, Inc. will meet your highest expectations.
  • To always be environmentally conscientious by using recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • To always remain committed to our customers and employees by maintaining an attitude of:
     Interest — In business and customer responsiveness
     Ingenuity — In availability to the market needs and environment
     Integrity — In Design, Manufacturing and Product Training