Environmental Impact


Support recycling efforts within your community by specifying products manufactured from curb-side collected post-consumer plastic waste. The vast majority of products manufactured from recycled materials are those used in packaging. As such, they will eventually end up in the solid waste stream again. Each time this material cycles through the process, some if it will end up in the landfill and some of it will deteriorate to an unacceptable level for reuse. Even the most successful recycling efforts (approximately 80% for the aluminum can industry) fall short of keeping 100% of their manufacturing materials out of our landfills. LADTECH, Inc. optimizes the recycling effort by utilizing 100% recycled material in its plastic adjustment rings. LADTECH, Inc. manufactures its rings from curb-side collected, post-consumer, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. This material is thus diverted from the solid waste stream, and will never reappear as another consumer waste package. The plastic adjustment rings are used in both the national and international infrastructures, and have an expected service life of 100 years. NOW THAT IS RECYCLING!

Municipal Recycling

Large-scale municipally sponsored recycling programs are a relatively recent phenomenon having grown rapidly over the last decade. As these recycling programs have evolved, municipal officials have increasingly taken advantage of opportunities to include the most prevalent plastic packages in the waste stream.

Any domestic commercial & industrial wastes are collectively referred to as municipal solid waste.

All #2 types of plastic bottles can be recycled to produce the Ladtech Adjusting Ring. The most common found in our homes are:

  • Plastic Milk Cartons
  • Shampoo Bottles
  • Detergent Bottles

Always remember to remove metal and paper from the bottle before putting it into your recycling bins! Also wash plastic bottles to prevent insect breeding.