AS SEEN IN ENR: Ringing Out the Old – HDPE Manhole Rings Look to Collar New Roads

From Alaska to the Bahamas, Minnesota to Texas, municipalities are taking a deeper look at the durability and life-cycle costs associated with manhole collars. Too often [...]

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Plastic Manhole Adjustment Rings Improve the Quality of Sanitary and Storm Sewers

New plastic manhole adjustment rings are being installed in residential street projects in Minnesota. Contractors and specifying engineers have never been able to specify the materials [...]

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Infiltration Elimination – A Minnesota Town Reduces Infiltration with Plastic Manhole Rings

There are about 20 million manholes in America, and all of them have essentially the same construction: a massive cone section rising up from the sewer.  [...]

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Manhole Makeover – Engineering solutions for a successful renewal program

Manholes are the most visible point in identifying the condition of our underground infrastructure, and with the advent of effective pipe-repair technologies, manholes are receiving increased [...]

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